Greeniee is your personal energy advisor, that tracks your home energy consumption realtime. Greeniee keeps track of power drawn by each appliance at your home, without placing individual sensors near each of them. Greeniee does it all from a single central location inside your premise. Well, thats not magic. Thats Greeniee, your personal Green Genie

Greeniee is a multi-tasker. It can predict your appliance health, and even acts as your Smart-Home Hub. Connect all your smart home gadgets to the Greeniee hub, and control everything by a tap on your smartphone. Yes, Greeniee will also help you take care of your safety, security and convenience needs at home.

Greeniee achieves all this while maintaining an electrical footprint that is less than that of your normal LED bulbs and while keeping your data safe with industrial grade encryption.Turning your home smarter isn't that hard anymore !

How it works ?

Did you know that each appliance at your home has a unique electrical signature ? In fact, Greeniee monitors several parameters from your power cables, and our smart algorithms use these to detect the appliances from the aggregate power signal. Thats right, Greeniee helps decipher all this from a single point without any sensors or monitoring at these individual appliances. So, do all that you love; enjoy time with your family, take a vacation while still saving money on your bills.

Save energy and do your part in saving the environment. Greeniee will be able to identify faults in your appliances before they actually fail, thus saving you from sudden surprises.

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