Frequently Asked Questions

Hardware Installation

Do I need to connect the hardware near all my appliances ?
No, Greeniee is a single hardware for your premise. It can track consumption and detect appliance usage from this single point.
What is the preferred location to install the Greeniee ?
The ideal place to connect the Greeniee is near the main distribution board. Alternatively, the user may connect it to the electrical section, that he/she wishes to monitor.
Will I need to take a permission from the local energy distributor to do the installation ?
No, Greeniee installation is just like adding a new appliance at your home. Greeniee installation does not tamper with the existing electricity meters nor violates any rule set by the electricity provider.
Do I need a technician to install Greeniee ?
Ideally, Greeniee can be installed by any individual with a basic electrical knowledge. But for your safety, we would recommend a technician or a local electrician to do the installation.
What is the typical life of a Greeniee device ? Will it need periodic maintenance ?
The Greeniee hardware is designed to last long, with no maintenance once connected. The company does offer free replacement warranty for a limited duration and all technical support thereafter.

Mobile App

Can I use the Greeniee App without adding a device to my account ?
Every registered user must have atleast one Greeniee device added to his/her account. This could be an “Owned” device or a “Shared” device.
Can I add multiple devices to my Greeniee login ?
Yes, a Greeniee user can add multiple devices to his account. Go to Menu->Devices to add a new device to your account. The homescreen will show the data from the default device.
What happens if I delete my default device ?
If you have multiple devices in your login, one of the available will automatically be set as the default device. If you have deleted the only device in your login, you will be prompted to add one device to continue using the Greeniee App.
Is it possible to share my Greeniee device with one of my contacts ?
Yes, you can share the Greeniee device data with your contacts. But the person must be a registered Greeniee user. Go to Menu->Devices, and select the “Owned” device that you would like to hire. You can “Add Users” to share the device with your friends/family.
Is it possible to set a “Shared” device as my default device ?
Yes, you can set a “Shared” device as your default device. Go to Menu->Devices->Shared to select your default device.
How can I see data from a device that a friend has shared ?
The homescreen shows the data from the default device. Go to Menu->Devices, and select and set the particular “Shared” device as your default device.
My homescreen still shows the same values for the past one hour. What could be the reason ?
This could be due to multiple reasons. Bad data connection on your phone / tablet. Bad connectivity or power failure at your Greeniee device. Please check the power / internet connectivity of the hardware. If you are unable to figure out the reason, please contact Greeniee tech support over G chat
I no longer see any devices in my Shared devices list. What could be wrong ?
This might be because your friends have stopped sharing this device data with you. Please check this with the Device Owners. If this is not the reason, please check with Greeniee tech support.